Healing of Hay Fever

I have suffered from hay fever every summer and have been on medication tablets, eye drops etc.   At times itching would be very bad that I would get very little sleep. I came to the Annual conference and heard many great teachings.   On Friday at the start of the conference I had a […]

Healed of Stomach Ulcers

I arrived in London to assist Pastor Sam in praying for a young boy who had various needs for prayer.   After praying for the young boy I shared with the pastor of my complaint that I had for some years. I knew that Gods will for me was to be healed and I had […]

Healed of Migraine

For quite a number of years I suffered from migraines. Most of the time the migraine was caused by the blowing of the wind.   Through the ministry of NCF I learned much about spiritual realities and the way they affect the human spirit, soul and body.   I learned very quickly that the Lord’s […]